Reopened Blog

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I finally had a chance to reopen my github blog. I would utilize this blog for continuous log of myself in the format of diary, presenting what I build and code (its ideas) or just a lifelike stuffs.

If there is an external contributor, I would make a post in the name of his/hers. Since I was heavily struck by a US university’s hecticness, I am not sure of myself how frequent I would upload a new post, but I will do my best. :)

The following is a simple, cute LaTeX equation test!

$z = \overbrace{ \underbrace{x}_\text{real} + i \underbrace{y}_\text{imaginary} }^\text{complex number}$

ps. Some posts before this date may be reposted if restored. I am still finding my past articles scattered in various websites or SNS.

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